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The Collapsing Tower Newsletter 01
April 30, 2008

This Newsletter has been tailored for those who have read The Collapsing Tower, as it freely references material from the book. Specifically, the prophetic chronology of the Mayan Calendar, its Underworlds, the distinctions between its Days and Nights, and the implications of their respective “energies” are interpreted in detail there.


Relationships During the Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld

The Fifth Day of our prevailing Galactic Underworld (Nov. 24, 2006-Nov.19, 2007) was accompanied by a great influx of light that illuminated and exposed what was previously concealed from conscious awareness. Corporate and government fraud surfaced, individuals’ secrets were exposed, and what was buried in the unconscious began to emerge and bare itself. This included true feelings and hidden motivations. The appearance of what was dark and hidden coming to the surface was met with a range of responses from blatant denial to forthright coping with what was exposed, and everything in between.

Those who clung to the stereotypic gender roles of the Old Way in relationships—male dominance and control, female submissiveness--began to experience marked difficulties. Because the polarity of our current Underworld shifted toward favoring what we typically think of as the “feminine mode of consciousness”—feeling, cooperativeness, connectedness and an egalitarian way of relating--men found themselves very much at odds with their female partners. Relationships terminated due to this widening spiritual gulf. In my practice, women initiated most of these breakups, and many of them had children. If the male partners could see their contribution to the relationship’s problems, and could actually modify their stereotypic perspectives, the relationships could frequently be saved.

One of the most disturbing circumstances I witnessed involved women remaining in relationships they knew were abusive or suppressive. Frequently this choice was grounded in economic worries or the fear of abuse. When I attempted to explain that the situation was likely to deteriorate and that, during the course of the Fifth Night, could even become violent, many of these women withdrew from counseling. They buried their heads deeper into the sand.

What became very clear to me was that, whatever obstacles were uncovered during the Fifth Day and weren’t adequately addressed and resolved at that time, emerged with greater force during the of the Fifth Night—sometimes in the form of destructive events. It seemed that the Fifth Night gave physical form to the psychic conflicts, unresolved psychic traumas of childhood, and negativities revealed during the Fifth Day.

During the Fifth Night, the work required to resolve what hasn’t been discharged from the past can still be done, albeit with intensified effort. As we proceed in this Night, economic, health, social, and political issues will increasingly come to dominate attention, consuming our focus and distracting from our efforts in these labors.

If you are in a relationship, and particularly if you have children, it is wise to take steps to maintain it, which can be challenging. The Fifth Night is no time to let your ego guide your actions. This doesn’t mean that you should tolerate abuse or other maltreatment, but that you and your partner must understand the escalating danger existing in the world today. You must put your grievances and resentments aside for the sake of your children’s wellbeing.

Everyone is annoying—has dimensions that are challenging to others. If we base our standard of acceptance or rejection of others on the fact of these challenges, we are bound to be alone. There is a better standard: an assessment of what I term fatal flaws. These include, among others, criminality, untreated alcoholism and/or drug addiction, violent behavior, psychopathic tendencies, and cowardice. These are defects in the other that are fatal to you. They endanger your growth, wellbeing, and survival.

I must emphasize a point here, and that is the marked acceleration in both the velocity of time and the intensity of events. Not only are events happening faster, their felt intensity is also increasing as we proceed through the Galactic Underworld. Some meet these trials with greater awareness and an embracing of the truth, while others react by delving deeper into unconsciousness and negativity or by running away.


How the Fifth Nights Works Through Individuals and Collectives

The influence of the Fifth Night urges a regression to the prior Underworld. In the Galactic Underworld, it represents a counter-movement against the evolutionary thrust of the Divine Plan—the unfolding consciousness that calls for transcending the stage of ego separateness and attaining the stage of conscious inter-connectedness. Because we carry within our unconscious minds the thought-, emotional-, and behavioral forms of prior Underworlds, and particularly the Underworld just preceding the one in which we currently live, we are much more prone to their influences during the regressive Fifth Night. The influence of the Fifth Night acts as a trigger on the activation of the past. This phenomenon is most discernible among men, because both Underworlds preceding the current Galactic Underworld favored the masculine over the feminine. So it is men who fear they have the most to lose from the evolutionary progression designed to transcend the established male-dominated power hierarchy. They are more disposed than women to retrogress during the Fifth Night in order to maintain their position of sway. They, therefore, promote the values of the Old Way. Because they are deeply identified with the ego and for all it stands—separateness, opposition, suppression of the feminine, rule by fear and power, and exploitation of others and Nature, they extol the values of the materialistic and spiritually blindfolded Planetary Underworld.

As I indicated, since the advent of the Fifth Night I have observed more couples breaking up than at any other time in my nearly thirty years of practice. In most of these cases, women left men who insisted on maintaining a position of aggressive dominance, refusing to develop a more egalitarian and cooperative/partnership mode of relating. The following example illustrates the appearance of how the past comes forward to overshadow the present during the Fifth Night.

Within two months of the beginning of the Fifth Night, a couple came back into counseling with me because the wife was threatening divorce. She complained that, over the previous few months her husband had become steadily more aggressive, domineering, and angry. Both parties agreed that there was no apparent reason for his behavioral changes. Although he had demonstrated these characteristics in the past when he had been drinking, in the last few years he had abstained from any alcohol or drug use and seemed to be a very different person. He was aware of the re-emergence of this aggressive and negativistic state in spite of his abstinence, and was at a loss to understand it. I explained how entrance into the Fifth Night of our current Underworld aroused the sex role stereotypes of the prior National and Planetary Underworlds—male aggressiveness and female submissiveness. This made a great deal of sense to both of them. He began to understand the change in his behavior over the past months in a new context. She also understood why she had become submissive during this same time period, to the point of co-dependency. Because the gender stereotypic behavior of the past Underworlds was more repulsive and intolerable to her than it was to him, she rebelled—so forcefully that she was willing to divorce to prevent a re-creation of her parents’ relationship dynamic within her own.

The egos of women are generally less rigid than those of men. Women, therefore, are more willing to progress forward in the Divine Plan. Millennia of subjugation and abuse have made them less attached to the Old Way. Men, on the other hand, have historically derived their sense of self and power from the old egoic course. They are more tied to the dominator model of existence that emphasizes and rewards hierarchy, power, aggression and the subjugation of others. Many men complain that embracing a partnership/cooperative model for their spousal relationship is playing into some kind of conspiracy to “feminize” or weaken them. This reluctance on their part to abandon the Old Way has resulted in their conceiving and fostering most of our planet’s serious problems.

By far, the most troubling aspect of the regression we are seeing in this Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld is the drop back to the Fifth Night of the Planetary Underworld (1932-1952) and, to some extent, the Fifth Night of the National Underworld (434 C.E.-929 C.E.). During the Planetary Underworld, the corporation emerged as a collective entity comprised of the darkest elements of the male ego. In fact, the corporation is defined as an “individual” in The United States Constitution—a non-human individual with the rights of a human being. It was during the Fifth Night of the Planetary Underworld that Benito Mussolini said: “The first stage of Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power.” Corporatism was a term used in the 1920s and 1930s in Italy. It was subsequently renamed Fascism. In 1930s Germany, this same merger of State and corporation was called Nazism.

The international Corporate Entity, comprised of the most chilling, predatory, dominating, materialistic and anti-spiritual/feminine/Nature aspects of the (primarily) collective male ego, can be seen as the material representation of Fifth Night energy. Now, during our current Underworld, this dark force has again emerged, but with much greater ambition and ferocity than ever before—with the ominous goal of creating a planet of masters and slaves. Left to its devices, this energy will comprise a world of “corporatocracies,” or police states, subsumed under the auspices of a super-corporate One World Government. This is not at all far-fetched, as will be amply demonstrated in upcoming Newsletters.

The Borg in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek is an interesting, perhaps even prophetic, analogy to the corporation. The Borg is a vast collective of humanoids that absorbs humans into it. Once absorbed, the human preys are implanted with various devices; they lose their individuality and humanity, yielding their identities and wills to the collective. Similarly, human beings absorbed into the corporate collective become what I have termed “corporate beings.” They also serve the aims of the collective, and also run the risk of losing their individuality and humanity. The corporate collective entity comes to organize the thinking, feeling, and actions of the individuals it embodies—much like the hive controls the individual bees.

Here in the U.S., it is eminently clear that a police state is rapidly forming. Under the guise of protecting the populace from terrorism, we have been progressively stripped of our civil liberties. Because of the power of the corporate news media, most people have come to accept this as necessary, and have adopted the government’s position that dissent equivalent to treason.

As will be examined more deeply in subsequent Newsletters, the stage has been set for the declaration of martial law in the event of a (concocted) national emergency—bird flu or other epidemic, a significant terrorist attack, economic/social breakdown, or any number of other possibilities. Under such circumstances, elections can be suspended, and any who counter or vehemently question the government can be arrested and held indefinitely. The Bill of Rights can be repealed, and national identification cards issued for your “protection”—“Your papers, please!” This is not nearly as implausible as it may seem. I suggest you download Aaron Russo’s documentary, America: From Freedom to Fascism from the internet to get a sober and well-researched examination of its likelihood.

During the Fifth Night of the National Underworld humanity was thrust into the Dark Ages by the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The ensuing economic disintegration and mass poverty gave rise to the soul-deadening economic system of Serfdom. A similar condition may be developing during the present Fifth Night, as there is, according to Calleman’s analysis of the Mayan calendar, a strong possibility of a complete deterioration of the entire Western economic system. During such catastrophic times in the past, male predators survived best. It is quite likely that the powerful and rich male predators of today intend to create a comparable structure—a new Dark Age.

Here in the U.S., it seems fairly evident that the middle class is rapidly shrinking. Much of our industrial base has been outsourced to cheaper labor markets; oil prices have, at the time of this writing, inflated the prices of food and other commodities to a point where many find it difficult to afford basic necessities; small businesses are folding; and there is a general atmosphere of anxious uncertainty about the economic future.

During the Fifth Night of the Planetary Underworld, in the throes of WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Fear is not merely an emotion. It is an expectation. This is imperative to understand. When we entertain fear and allow our thoughts to be controlled by it, we create images of a dire future. These images serve as templates for the manifestation of what we are envisioning--they have the capacity to bring about conditions that confirm and support the legitimacy of our fears.

We must be very careful with what we agree to. In The Collapsing Tower, I discuss Neville’s work on how our thoughts, feelings, and imaginings beget the conditions of our existence. It is our mental state that generates and/or perpetuates our physical state, not the other way around. We need to make a significant amendment to the way we perceive causation. Until we do, we will remain mired in the Old Way—and it is during the Fifth Night that we face the consequences of this regressive way of being. A cardinal theme in this and upcoming Newsletters is that we must become adept at using imagination to create a better world. When we stop accepting the fallacy that the physical condition of existence is the cause of events in our lives, we can then engage the great creative power of imagination to reshape our experience and our world. We can dream a better dream and participate in the Divine creation plan of the Mayan calendar.


Spiritual Polarization: The Separation of Paths

There is a Hopi petroglyph near Orabi, Arizona, that depicts two paths - an upper and a lower. The upper path shows human figures who follow the way of materialism, domination of others, and separateness from Nature. This path becomes jagged and leads to destruction. The lower path continues on straight and leads to prosperity and harmony. It is the path of connectedness to Spirit, others, and Nature. According to Gregg Braden (Isaiah Effect, 2000), and cited in The Collapsing Tower, those on the upper path experience destruction because their heads become separated from their bodies—they are ruled by the ego. Also, the individuals on both routes are free to move back and forth between avenues until 2005, after which they will remain on the path they are on following that time. In other words, a separation takes place.

In a broader sense, the upper, or ego, way represents what Elkins, Rueckert, and McCarty refer to in the Ra Material (1984) as the path of “service to self”—domination and control of others, selfishness, greed, materialism, and separateness. These individuals are overwhelmingly concerned with self, and have only a fleeting consideration of others, and then only in respect to how these others can serve them. Their model of existence is hierarchal, generally placing themselves above others in the ranking. This is fundamentally the path of fear, because individuals on this course are wholly identified with the ephemeral ego, which they confuse with the true Self.

The lower path represents “service to others”—a balance of service to self and to others, with slightly more weight being given to service to others. It is the path of partnership rather than hierarchy, based on a fundamental sense of inter-connectedness with others and Nature. Those on this road are cooperative, egalitarian, respectful, and much more spiritually focused and available. This orientation eventually leads beyond the ego to the realization of true Self.

Because the ego-embeddedness is but a stage of spiritual development and must ultimately cede to the next stage, one’s identification with this small, ephemeral self as the true Self is a delusion. The nucleus of this delusion is existential fear—bordering on terror. While true Self is immortal, the diminutive ego self is plagued by fears of insubstantiality and mortality. Massive and intricate denial of the truth is required to maintain this delusion. It is what Ken Wilber (as discussed in The Collapsing Tower) calls the Atman Project.

Atman is the Hindu term for the Higher Self—the God-Self. When the ego deceives itself into believing it is Atman in order to pretend it’s immortal, omnipotent, and omniscient, it has fallen prey to the first of the Seven Deadly Sins—pride. In the Old Testament, this is the “sin of Satan”. It is why the notion of ego is comparable to that of Satan in Hinduism. In order to bolster its delusions, the ego engages in a variety of devices, such as striving for great wealth, fame, and superiority over others. Those with this orientation build monuments, great fortunes, and institutions to convince themselves and others of their superiority. There is a very dark side to this mad pretension to godliness—what Wilber calls the negative Atman project. It is the domination, enslavement and even destruction of others—as a demonstration of god-like power.

For the most part, those aligned with service to self control our corporations and banks, political, military, and major scientific, technological and pharmaceutical/medical industries. This is due to their strong materialistic leanings. Their fear causes them to drive themselves, to horde money, power, and position. This is illustrated by greed, repressive control of others and, ultimately, elitist, undemocratic/fascist practices. Subjugation leads to deep resentment on the part of those who are aware of being controlled, while the upper hand is typically justified as being “for their own good.” The vast majority, however, are unaware of the true intentions beneath the imbalance of power, even to the extent that they believe their oppressors have only their best interests at heart--despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The ecological, social, physical, psychological and spiritual destruction wrought by the consortium of greed ruling our planet is staggering. It has raped the planet for profit, disregarded the consequences of pollution, enslaved the Third World for cheap labor, psychologically brainwashed the masses into blind obedience and unchecked consumerism, perverted spirituality into divisive religions that promote fascistic attitudes of supremacy of men over women and of “true believers” over those who are deemed deluded by dark and satanic forces masquerading as Light—while they, themselves, propagate the very darkness they rail against. These are but a few of the reasons we are catapulting down the road of destruction toward what the esoteric philosopher Manly Hall called “the war of all against all.”

Are we simply insane? A rabid species bringing about its own destruction under the auspices of a failed God who simply couldn’t get it right? Or is there something deeper and wiser at play here? In the Ra Material, such apparent turmoil is called “catalyst.” It provides the impetus for increased polarization. Individuals who remain connected to serving others become even more positive in their efforts to counteract the already strong negative service-to-self orientation. Those still ambivalent are forced to polarize in one direction or another. The increase of polarity difference between these two orientations creates a greater power differential—and it is this that provides the energy for evolution to the next level. It is at this point that the planet emerges from the plane of Third Dimensional Physical Experience to existence on the Fourth Dimensional plane of Non-physical Experience. It is also when the two paths completely separate into different realities.

Strong polarization toward to either orientation, however, appears to be relatively rare. The vast majority of humanity exists in the middle range, and while they generally lean toward service to others, they aren’t polarized sufficiently to make much of a difference. Many of these individuals can be thought of as nice—willing to be of service to others if it isn’t too much trouble. They do what is socially acceptable, giving some money to charities, or paying lip service to the “right” sentiments. They confuse “nice” and “good.” While what we think of as “nice” has the surface appearance of “good,” they are not the same. “Nice” serves the ego; “good” truly serves the other. Tossing a few coins to an alcoholic beggar to appease one’s conscience or to look good doesn’t help the beggar. In fact, it enables him to stay on his destructive path. Helping him find a job would be good, or perhaps taking him, if he was willing, to an AA meeting.

Similarly, for those oriented toward service to self in the middle range, the degree of polarization is weak. Most are undisciplined malcontents and petty tyrants, greedy posers who are toxic to others. They lack the discipline and will necessary to harness their energies and, instead, content themselves with bullying others. They look up to and try to emulate those who are more negatively polarized—the alleged elite “supermen” who are above conscience, “weak” sentimentality, and human frailty. To these they serve as willing henchmen and slaves.

Within the service to others orientation, strong polarization appears to rely on transcendence of the ego. Until this transcendence is reached, service to others is really service to the ego—self-congratulatory, self-sacrificing, and generally narcissistic. When we transcend the ego and its separateness and realize that we are really One Being, service to others takes on a completely different meaning. Because of our essential inter-connectedness, what we do to or for others, we do to or for ourselves. It is the energy of the Fifth Night that provides the needed catalyst for stronger polarization. Individuals who live in service to others are naturally drawn together in order to cope with the difficulties they face and the psychic pain of others they witness and feel. While feeling connects, thinking, by definition, separates. And it is through the faculty of feeling that those of this orientation come to rely on intuition, because intuition is a higher octave of feeling.

Among those pursuing the path of service to self, this inherent inter-connectedness is denied. The ego is exalted rather than transcended. Control of self and others, along with the solitary sense of elite separateness it fosters, become prized virtues. In order to function on this level, everything must be brought under the control of the ego—others, emotions, sex and bodily functions are subjugated to the will of the ego. Needless to say, this takes a great deal of discipline and focused will—commitment that is beyond the capability of most people.

During this Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld, which includes most of 2008, we can expect a great deal of catalyst aimed at increasing polarization. Among the possibilities we will examine in detail in upcoming newsletters are: 1) collapse of the world-wide monetary system, 2) the emergence of fascistic police states in America and Europe, and 3) a significant depopulation from new diseases, famine caused by severe problems with food production (honeybee die-off, global warming, and pollution), and severely diminished food affordability and distribution caused by high oil prices and poverty, as well as from social breakdown and war.

In the next few Newsletters, we will examine data that suggests the following: that much of this has been orchestrated by powerful, wealthy, and elitist groups whose aim it is to create significant human de-population and establish a global New World Order for their own selfish purposes. In the course this examination, it is absolutely critical to remember and accept that everything and everyone serves the Divine Plan of spiritual evolution. Those who appear to oppose spiritual evolution through selfish and destructive means unintentionally serve some dimension of the Plan, and are, themselves, destroyed by their own efforts when their usefulness ends.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that my purpose in presenting this information is to increase awareness and prevent shock and a slide into despair when major events occur. I have no intent to promote sensationalism and fear or hate mongering. We don’t need more of this. Through an awareness of what is happening, why, and what we can expect, we prepare ourselves and can help others.

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