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The Collapsing Tower Newsletter 03
October 31st , 2008

The Fourth Quarter of the Fifth Night

As we enter this most challenging time, perhaps in all of human history, we are confronted with the decision of evolution/transformation or certain destruction. The simple fact is that we are on the brink of planetary destruction right now. It’s not dramatic to say that we’re experiencing massive ecological destruction because of human greed, tampering with the ionosphere for purposes of climate control and “weather warfare”, and a variety of other arrogant and ill-conceived activities such as deforestation, rampant pollution, and genetic modification of food supplies. Most, if not all, of this can be attributed to human greed and the function of the out of control human ego.

A variety of well-researched conspiracy theories build a strong case that many of our planetary woes are the conscious result of a relatively small group of individuals whose aim is global domination. Now what I am going to say may seem ridiculous, and that is: These are secondary problems. And this is because the solutions to our ecological and human problems don’t exist on the plane of physical manifestation. The material plane is the plane of results, rather than causes. This subject was covered in The Collapsing Tower, but is so important that it’s worth going into again.

Since the materialistic Planetary Underworld that started with the Industrial Revolution the concept of causation was reversed. Material conditions became primary (causative) while non-material conditions such as spiritual and mental/emotional states became secondary (effects). All psychological states, then, became functions of physical factors such as happenings on the material plane, genetics, and the activity of the brain. In general physical life experiences were considered to be the causes of why we are the way we are. We became pawns of the conditions of the material world.

Now, in this next-to-the-last Underworld of the Mayan Calendar it is becoming increasingly clear that psychological and spiritual states are the primary causes of our physical experiences and, in fact, maybe the fundamental determinants of the nature of our personal and collective realities. More and more people are becoming aware that we’re not pawns/victims of the material universe, but rather may be active co-creators of the conditions and manifestations of physical reality. This truth is the essential message of the Mayan Calendar and the likely point of our evolutionary process.

What must be clearly understood is this: There is no physical solution to a spiritual problem. In order to solve a problem we must go the level above that problem. For example, no number of locks, security measures, or deterrence systems can make you safe if your psychological state is one of fear. Physical threats to your safety will continue and likely penetrate your security systems as long as your thoughts, feelings and imaginings are fear-based, because these are the causes of the problem. Similarly, the solution to feelings of inner emptiness or lack can’t be solved with wealth, fame, sex, or anything outside of yourself to “fill the void”. The solution to this is on the psychological/spiritual plane, as it results from the Self’s identification with the ego and the linear, separatist conscious it mediates. We must balance the left-hemispheric consciousness with the feeling-intuitive-holistic consciousness mediated by the right hemisphere that was suppressed during the National and Planetary Underworlds. This is the task that we must accomplish during the current Galactic Underworld in which we now live. It is only through this that we can solve the social and ecological problems that confront us and now threaten our survival.

We’ve now arrived at the position of having to demonstrate this truth in order to survive. You must understand that this task of the healing our social and planetary woes cannot be achieved solely by addressing our efforts to dealing with the physical plane upon which they manifest. The actual causes lie on the mental and spiritual planes. The physical plane rather than the plane of effects.

It’s also essential that you prove to yourself the validity of mental/spiritual causation for yourself, and not simply take my or anyone else’s word for it. Look back at Newsletter #2 and examine how the Basic Fear of your Enneagram type manifests as experiences, for example. To reiterate, fears can be thought of as negative expectations. These have the power to create experiences that confirm them. As an exercise you can make a list of your worries and fears and then examine how they are subtly or strongly influence your perceptions of life and the molding of your experiences in accordance with them. Of course, this is also true of positive feelings, as they are also expectations, and exert influences on not only the interpretation and perception of your experiences but their creation as well.

All of this is critical to understand at this time. The economy of the United States, as well as the world economy, is in a state of escalating collapse. Calleman’s study of the Mayan Calendar predicted this for the Fifth Night we are now in. It’s critical that you understand that our current situation hasn’t been imposed on us from some outside agency. Neither is it a punishment meted out by an outside God. It’s the result of our process of spiritual evolution, and is designed to educate us and aid us in our quest for spiritual enlightenment and our assuming the role of co-creator in the Divine Plan.

What are we supposed to be learning from the evolutionary stage of this Fifth Night? Let’s first look at Calleman’s description of the Fifth Night in The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness:

The rule of Tezcatlipoca (the Fifth Night) always means a last destructive attempt of the forces seeking a return to the rule of the previously dominating Underworld. Thus in the National Underworld it meant a temporary return to the tribelike world of the nomadic Huns and the marauding Germanic tribes, distortions of the social structures that had dominated the lower Regional Underworld. In the Planetary Underworld, it meant, in a new guise (Hitler), a return to autocratic rulers, who had based their powers on supposedly “superior blood.” In principle Hitler’s ideals were not different from those of the royal dynasties that throughout the National Underworld had based their power on having “blue blood” in their veins. By analogy, we can expect that the rule of Tezcatlipoca in the Galactic Underworld will mean a last violent assault by the forces seeking a return to the materialist values of the Planetary Underworld. Also in this Underworld the struggle of Night Five will probably have central Europe as its focus.

It’s also of interest to note that the horned owl is the bird associated with Tezcatlipoca in the Aztec system. The owl is associated with deception in the Native American totemic system, and particularly self-deception. This is very relevant in light of the fact that the Fifth Night is a necessary stage in the evolution of the Divine Plan. Thus, during the Fifth Night we are challenged with the tendency to regress rather than move forward by confronting the darkness within us that needs to be transformed. This is the meaning of alchemy, which really doesn’t have anything to do with transforming lead into gold. It’s the spiritual process of transforming the heavy and leaden state of slavery to materialism to the light, golden, state of spiritual realization.

A Lesson About Counterfeit Gold Coins

Nine months ago when I suspected that the economy was going to fail, and money might become worthless, my wife Deborah and I decided to buy gold coins. I was aware at the time that this decision was fear-based, but I felt it was necessary in order to insure the well-being of our family. When the economy actually began to fall apart (in accordance with the Mayan Calendar) I decided to buy more gold coins. This was just recently, at the end of September of 2008. At this time I had an intuitive sense that we should have one of the coins checked for authenticity. My wife brought the coin to an independent gold and rare coin dealer, and immediately called me with the shocking information that the coin was counterfeit. We felt angry betrayed at this revelation. We also felt very responsible for a friend who had given the original coin dealer a large check to buy coins. Within less than 24 hours we got our money back and also was able put a stop notice on our friend’s check. This experience led to a deep inner searching of what it all meant.

Deborah had the realization coming from this experience was that physical gold, in-and-of-itself, is counterfeit—whether it is authentic or fake, and that the fear-based accumulation of it is a material solution to a psychological/spiritual problem. It’s essentially a regression to the materialistic philosophy of the age we are attempting to transcend. Instead, we must seek the “Golden Age” of spiritual enlightenment. This comes from putting our faith and trust in a higher inner solution to our problems, rather than in an outer symbol.

Now, in the last part of the Fifth Night, we are witnessing the complete breakdown of the entire materialistic system that has plagued us for the last 5,000 years. This will obviously be a very difficult time, and there’s no point in pretending to have arrived at a level of spiritual enlightenment when we still in process. So, how do we navigate this transition? The conclusion I’ve come to is that we must address all three levels of our existence—the spiritual, psychological, and physical.

On the spiritual level we must ask for guidance. The “veil between the worlds” is quite thin these days. This is true on all levels, which includes the darkness and the light. In esoteric work there is a rule that says the beings of darkness (the left hand path) come unbidden, while the beings of light (right hand path) require that we ask for assistance. Furthermore, the beings of darkness operate through the emotions, particularly the negative ones, while the beings of light operate through the inner knowing or intuitive faculty. Asking for guidance doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Just ask! After you ask you must then learn to trust your inner knowing as your guide, as it’s the channel through which higher spiritual information comes to you. It might not always be what you what to hear, and may be “politically incorrect” at times, but it’s the guidance you’ve been seeking nonetheless. When you learn to trust it and allow yourself to be guided by it you will notice that the channel strengthens. Ignoring it or going against it can weaken its strength. It’s very important to understand that the inner intuitive knowing isn’t something or someone telling you what to do. You have absolutely free choice here to follow it or not.

On the psychological level you must know how to deal with the collective fear and panic that is precipitously rising—not only in our culture, but also worldwide. We all exist in a sea of collectively generated emotional energies, much of which may have nothing to do with your personal life. Although your personal life may not warrant fear or panic, you will feel the collective’s energy. You must be very careful about owning this energy by attributing it to yourself. Here is a useful method for dealing with negative collectively generated states: Ask yourself whether there is any actual or real reason for you to feel, for example, intense fear or panic in your present life situation. If there is no reason “in your face” for experiencing panic it’s highly likely that you are picking it up from others via emotional contagion. Remember, whatever emotional energy you agree with becomes real for you. It stimulates corresponding thoughts and imaginings and creates experiences in accordance with what you’re feeling. Therefore, you must be very careful not to attribute panic to your sense of a future that doesn’t yet exist for you. If you do you will contaminate your present-time life with panic and actually project it into the future, thereby creating experiences that support it. If there is call for fear in reaction to some condition in your present life you must then ask yourself whether what you feel is justified by the level of fear you are experiencing. Unless you do this you can easily turn fear into panic by going into unconscious agreement with the panic in the collective.

It’s also important to distance yourself from fear-based or despairing people who are unwilling to understand that they have a hand in making their conditions worse by chronic negative thinking and projecting a terrible future. If you want to help a drowning person you had better be damn sure that person wants real help, and that you know how to swim.

Mastering Neville’s work on manifestation is also of utmost importance. We must come to not only see ourselves as having a role in creation of our own life experiences, but also as co-creators in the elaboration of the Divine Plan. This, as we’ll deal with in the next Newsletter, means taking responsibility for the healing of the planet upon which we live.

Finally, we must deal with the physical level with respect to the transition we’re now in. How do we protect ourselves and loved during what will likely be most difficult times? First we must make an important distinction between protection out of fear and panic versus protection out of sane evaluation of conditions. Secondly, we must distinguish between intuitive and empirical (based on actual data) examination of likely possibilities versus projections based on emotional reactivity. These are not easy discriminations. Also hoping for a rosy transition isn’t much better than outright denial. As mentioned in The Collapsing Tower hope and faith are radically different. Hope is a kind of fantasy, essentially a low probability event. Faith is based on a reasoned evaluation of the data and, moreso, on inner intuitive knowing. Acting on inner knowing constitutes an act of faith, and it’s through this that the intuitive signal strengthens.

Now, let’s take an objective look at that’s happening in the world and examine sane ways of dealing with the transition. It’s fairly clear that the monetary system is in a state of collapse. On October 8, 2008 it was announced that the monetary system of Iceland collapsed—went bankrupt. The Stock Market in the U.S. as well as many other countries are precipitously falling, banks are failing worldwide, the credit system is failing, many people cannot find sufficient employment and the specter of Depression looms. Suppose money becomes worthless because of inflation. What do you do? Suppose further that in reaction to this social breakdown occurs. Violence and food shortages could result. How do you deal with this? I’m not saying all this to create fear, but to objectively look at what’s happening. And again, all of this is part and parcel of the last segment of the Fifth Night—the dark before the dawn.

A good rule of thumb is: Don’t act from emotion. If you do it’s likely that you’ll be acting out of fear or panic. This is never a good idea. Examine your situation and make a reasoned plan. If your inner intuitive knowing presents itself to you, follow it. Remember—the inner knowing isn’t contaminated with emotion. It precedes thought both thought and emotion. Don’t second-guess it! Typically thoughts and emotional reactions come up in response to an intuitive knowing. You must disregard them. Remember that thought is the left-brain, ego mind’s attempt to understand something new in terms of placing it in a known category from the past. When you entertain these thoughts they generate corresponding emotions.

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