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The Collapsing Tower Newsletter 04
November 3rd, 2008

Surfing the Apocalypse

The meaning of apocalypse is revelation. Revelation means: the showing of something previously hidden or secret; the showing or revealing of Divine Will or Truth. In the Book of Revelation the Apocalypse is typically taken to mean the destructive end of the world—but what it really means is the destruction of a world-view, essentially the world as we’ve known it. The Apocalypse, therefore, can be thought of as the lightning bolt that strikes the Tower of the ego and causes its collapse. This is why I entitled the book The Collapsing Tower: the Birth Pangs of Post-Ego Civilization.

We’re now living in the Apocalypse, what Calleman refers to as the Galactic Underworld. The dark forces of the Fifth Night are at their peak and are exerting their most powerful influence to maintain the integrity of the ego, depicted as the Tower key of the Tarot. The lightning bolt is the light of the Sixth Day, depicted by Yohualtictl, the Aztec goddess of birth. This progressive enlightening influence is rising up to meet the regressive darkness that is currently at its peak in the last quarter of the Fifth Night.

This juxtaposition of the Dark and the Light creates the necessary polarization that empowers transcendence. It occurs on both the individual and collective levels. On both of these levels it exposes the darkness that must be overcome by the light. Individually and collectively, therefore, we must choose which direction we will go in. This isn’t a simple conscious choice, because most people are unaware of the negative, dark, or shadow aspects within their subconscious minds, and typically, even when they become conscious of them they’re unaware that these aspects are the causes of the negative conditions and experiences in their lives. This was touched upon in the last Newsletter. Thus, before we can consciously choose the direction in which we will go we must first become aware of the direction our subconscious minds are taking us in. Until we do this we may be consciously thinking we have chosen the light, but in fact may be actually doing the opposite. We’ll look at his issue in depth shortly, but first we must deal with two of the most powerful illusions created by the ego mind.

Separateness and the Illusion of Linear Time

When we entered the dualistic National Underworld a little over 5,000 years ago the polarity favored the left hemisphere of the brain, the male gender, and the West. The ego, which is left hemispheric conscious—analytic thinking, logic, linear time, and separateness—slowly came to dominate and radically changed how we perceive and operate in the world. You can refer to The Collapsing Tower for more details on this point. The net result was that we came to identify Self with the ego and lost our essential unity with Nature, the Cosmos, and others. We entered a fear-based conceptual universe of threat to our existence.

Linear time came into existence with the evolution of the ego. It began what we call the historical period. In the prior, pre-historic, Regional Underworld, time was cyclical—based on the seasons. Each year was the start of a new cycle, and the old year was washed away with the birth of the new Spring. In the prior Tribal Underworld there was no time as we understand it. People lived in an atemporal eternal now. There was no separation between past, present, and future.

In the National Underworld time became cumulative and what we’ve come to think of as the past became a repository of memory. This is important. Eckhart Tolle said that the ego derives its identity from the past and seeks its salvation in the future. This means that the ego holds onto the past, in order to maintain itself. Thus, in order for it to maintain its identity the ego brings the past into the present. It views the present in terms of the past and this causes the past to be projected into the future. This is why the basic themes of the past keep repeating, i.e. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

It’s this ongoing repetition of the past that creates the illusion of linear time. In Hinduism this is known as the Wheel of Karma. Thoughts are mental forms, and because they are forms they have the capability of not only forming or shaping emotional energies into the various feelings we experience, but are also capable of structuring physical energies into experiences. These thought-forms are what the ego holds onto to give it a sense of identity, and they are what it uses to filter and categorize experiences in present time. But these thought-forms do more than interpret experiences—they can create experiences that correspond to (verify) the thoughts. When this is done consciously we call it manifestation, but when done unconsciously we attribute it to good or bad luck, or even fate.

Therefore to change what we call the future we must alter the thought-forms the ego has imposed on the present. In essence, we must create a break in the apparency of linear time. Unless we create a non-linear break we are doomed, as the philosopher Santayana said, to the repetition of the past. This, in a nutshell, is our work. We must learn to do this in order to transform both ourselves and the planet.

The Creation of Non-linear Breaks on the Personal Level

Subscribing to the belief that the linear progression of time is real and unalterable guarantees the inevitability of repetition. This can be expressed with the ideas: 1) We are what we are because of what we have been and, 2) The best predictor of the future is the past. For the overwhelming majority of people these ideas are true, and the only reasons are that they don’t understand how the ego mind uses the past as a template for the present, and then projects this conceptually altered present as a template that creates the future.

Consider the following example: You experienced mental and emotional abuse by a parent who angrily threatened physical punishment whenever you went against his or her irrationally strict standard of obedience. Suppose also that you were subjected to physical abuse on numerous of these occasions, even when you knew the infractions were minor. Obviously, such an authoritarian situation would constitute a climate of terror and create a condition of fear of authority coupled with a generalized paranoid attitude toward life. Psychological and even physical survival would depend on secrecy and hiding. Coupled with this would be a fear (expectation) of getting caught and punished—even for innocuous behaviors. The thought-forms resulting from this would then predominate in your young ego-identity, and, in adulthood, would serve as templates for experiencing the present and what we expect in the future. These thought-forms could be conceptualized as “seeds” around which crystals form. The difference is that what “crystallizes” around thought-forms are experiences that correspond to the thought-forms. In terms of morphogenetic field theory they can also be conceived as “morphic attractors”, in that the thought-forms of early life attract experiences in later life that correspond to them. Such correspondence is established on the basis of what’s known as “morphic resonance”. For example, early experiences based on fear resonate with and attract later experiences that have fear as a dominant emotion. The individual subconsciously attracts and is attracted to experiences of a fear-based nature.

These memories of past abuse are frequently hidden from consciousness. In terms of the example under consideration all you may be aware of is a fear of abusive authority and fear-based expectation of getting caught and punished for breaking even unfair or irrational rules. As explained in The Collapsing Tower this can actually manifest punishment, thereby repeating your childhood experience. The relevant question is: How do you break this cycle of repetition?

What I’ve done with individuals in my practice for many years is track the origin of destructive patterns back to childhood memories of trauma and difficult conditions and examined how they’ve repeated over the years. This helps the individual make sense of what’s going on in his or her present life. Next I explain how these (frequently) unconscious patterns have created expectations that are essentially thought-forms capable of shaping experience to conform to them. I further explain that these negative expectations are empowered by strong emotional energies that are frequently suppressed following the initial traumatic or difficult childhood experiences—and these blocked emotions must be released in order to break the repetition cycle. The procedure for doing this is delineated in The Collapsing Tower.

The next step involves the use of Neville’s method of revisioning. You may refer to relevant sections in The Collapsing Tower for more details concerning this method. Basically, revisioning entails replacing an actual negative experience with an alternative positive one. In a procedural sense there isn’t a difference between what Neville describes as revisioning and manifestation. Both employ imagination, desire, and intention. Neville’s basic formula of “assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled” applies to both. When we manifest we imagine a wished-for condition. We must create the intention of the wish fulfilled from the end-point of the process, i.e., we must imagine ourselves at the point of the wish actually fulfilled. We must feel the state of the actual completed fulfillment—and feel that future end-point NOW.

In his books Neville gives numerous examples of how by revisioning or revising the past we change our condition in the present and the future. How is this possible? We are taught that the past is done and unchangeable—that we are basically locked into it. But is this really true? And if it can be shown to be untrue, what does it mean about the nature of reality—and the nature of time? For example, we know that in the strange reality of quantum mechanics time can flow backwards as well as forward. What does this imply about the macro-world of everyday reality?

Multiple Possible Realities

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5.

The concept of multiple possible realities is a predominant theme of Jane Robert’s channeled works: Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, The Unknown Reality vol. 1 &2, and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. The basic idea is that our phenomenal world is only one of many possible worlds in which we concurrently exist. All of these worlds are viewed as parallel to this one, existing along a dimension of difference varying from minor to great. The idea of multidimensionality that is promulgated by some astrophysicists and quantum physicists is a modern version of the same concept as multiple possible realities. The idea also has roots in the perennial philosophy of the Vedas, wherein what we think of as “past lives” are conceived of as happening concurrently. Similarly, in the Western esoteric tradition depicted by the Tarot Keys the same idea appears as the High Priestess (Key 2)—the matrix of all possible realities. It’s from this matrix that the Magician (Key 1), through intention, imagination, and desire selects one of the multiple possible realities for physical manifestation in our earthly realm of form.

Neville’s concept of “states” reflects this same idea. A state can be thought of as a kind of “mood” that controls how a person thinks, perceives, imagines and, ultimately, experiences life. In Immortal Man Neville says that these states exist as “fixtures”, and can be also thought of as different realities for the individuals locked into them. They comprise the multiplicity of psychic conditions of human existence. We can go from one state to another, but the state remains unchanged. Whether a person is good, bad, rich, poor, healthy or unhealthy, for example, is not an inherent characteristic of that person, but rather the state in which he (usually accidentally) finds himself. To paraphrase Neville, we are all God experiencing different human states. Thus, the criminal, victim, judge, and jury are all God carrying out the dictates of the state in which he finds himself. This, obviously, is a very liberating concept—and the ultimate liberation is the transcendence of all states.

A significant step toward such liberation is learning how to navigate states—learning how to go from one to another. And this is one of the basic purposes of revisioning. A good way to practice this method involves revising events that occur during the course of the day. This is an effective method for preventing unwanted recurrences. For example, if you have a minor accident such as cutting your finger while washing a knife and you mentally revise the occurrence so that you almost cut your finger, what you’ve done is neutralized the morphogenetic field of the original experience. By doing this you invoke a reality in which the cut never happened. As I discussed in The Collapsing Tower, the morphogenetic field generated by an event increases the probability of a similar event occurring. Also, by revising the original event, you significantly accelerate the healing process. Thus, you don’t get locked into a state of accident-proneness.

Practice with minor revisions gives you the confidence to take on greater ones. For example, you can eventually revise the experience of childhood abuse and move into a state based on the revised experience. In order to do this, however, you must firmly understand the veracity of multiple possible realities. We’re not stuck with whatever one we’re in—but in order to know this, you have to prove the validity of the idea for yourself.

In the next Newsletter we’ll deal with the revisioning of the planetary eco-system. This will entail a large group effort involving a precise visualization of a healed planet.

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