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The Collapsing Tower Newsletter 05
November 17th, 2008

Healing Our Planet and Eco-system

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”—undetermined quotation attributed to Robert F. Kennedy, but is likely derived from a saying of Rabbi Hillel from the Pirkay Avot, a book of the Mishnah, the first part of the Talmud: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now—when?”

“Other people see things and say: why?—but I dream things that never were and say: why not?”—George Bernard Shaw, Back to Methuselah.

“The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.” Dante, The Inferno.

“If we fail to dare, if we do not try, the next generation will harvest the fruit of our indifference; a world we did not want—a world we did not choose—but a world we could have made better, by caring more for the results of our labors. And we will be left only with the hollow apology of T.S. Eliot: ‘That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all’.” John F. Kennedy.

“Humans have destroyed nature.” Her Holiness, Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma).

Notice that Amma’s quote describes the planetary condition in past tense. In my personal experience with Her Holiness over the last decade, in India and in the United States, I’ve learned that She says exactly what She means. Obviously, if Nature is destroyed humanity is also destroyed. The question becomes: Can we resurrect nature, and in doing so resurrect ourselves? Perhaps this challenge is the catalyst that will transform us into co-creators with the Divine.

As we leave the darkness of the Fifth Night and enter the light of the Sixth Day of this next-to-last Underworld of the Mayan Calendar we must understand that the consequences of the Fifth Night don’t suddenly evaporate. The predominance of the negative polarization established during this Night begins to diminish as it meets with the growing influence of the positive polarization of the following Day. Two major consequences result from this opposition. The first is the heartening of the resolve of those already on the Right Hand Path of Service to Others, providing the energy to further confront and transform the dark, ego-based, influences that were activated during the Fifth Night—thus providing the impetus for a deeper spiritual cleansing. This occurs on not only the individual level, but on the familial, national and international levels as well. The net result will be a fervent intention to transcend the hierarchal, dominance-based, consciousness created by the ego that has created the divisions and inequities that have plagued humanity for thousands of years. For the first time in human history we will have the opportunity to achieve the unified consciousness of humanity, rather than remain fixed in tribal-, ethnic-, national-, and racial-consciousness. In addition, and perhaps even more importantly, we will have the opportunity to heal the divisions ego-consciousness has created with Nature and Spirit.

Juxtaposed to this movement toward unity in diversity is opposition provided by those most strongly identified with the ego-consciousness of the Fifth Night—those individuals intent on the Left Hand Path of Service to Self. Therefore, the second major consequence of the rising of the Light is profound conflict. This polarization between Greed and Generosity is tantamount to what can be thought of as spiritual warfare. Because those dedicated to personal greed and domination of others are locked into materialism, the conflict will not likely be limited to the realm of ideas and philosophies. It’s worthwhile to quote Calleman’s The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (pp. 142-143) regarding this point:

If the Eastern Hemisphere is strengthened during the Days of the current Underworld, this will also mean the qualities of the right-brain hemisphere will be favored, and so the current global dominance of the left-brain hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere will come to an end. This change will affect everyone, regardless of where he or she happens to live. We are all one and are all products of the same divine process of creation, so it is no wonder that in recent times many, regardless of location, have been working to balance the two hemispheres of their brains by developing intuition. As a consequence of the receding dominance of the left-brain hemisphere, the controlling mentalities it carries will also come to an end. As the brain hemispheres become equal, so will human individuals, and as a consequence no soul will be able to control another soul. In general, an irreversible evolution toward wholeness will take place as the Galactic Underworld progresses, and in the process all hierarchies based on dominance—political, religious, or otherwise—will, in one way or another, break down. Needless to say, this process will hardly be smooth or without resistance on the part of the established world order.

Because a dualist frame of consciousness rules the Galactic Underworld, it does hold a potential for violent conflicts and wars, and we may well have entered a negative spiral of terrorism and terror against terrorism in which the number of survivors is anybody’s guess. The Galactic Underworld will develop through a wave movement whose Days will increasingly strengthen the right brain and the Eastern Hemisphere, while the left brain and Western Hemisphere will seem to regain lost ground during the Nights. The current materialist civilization will crumble, so clinging to the old ways will not give security. Much turbulence is to be expected, for the simple reason that a significant energy shift will take place at every tun (every 360 day period—clarification added) and will seem to pull the world in a new direction. Moreover, the Galactic Underworld develops at a high tun-based frequency during which the control of the world by the hierarchies generated by lower Underworlds will come to an end in a very short period, about ten years (from approximately 2002 to 2011—clarification added). The reason that equality will be the end result is that as this underworld draws to a close, the light will be evenly distributed across the planet.

What I’ve been observing in the last few years is that the conflict Calleman discusses is not only between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, but is also within and among individuals as well, perhaps best understood as the polarization of Eastern and Western consciousness, whether the individuals live in the East or West. Thus, we must come more and more to rely upon intuition in order to facilitate movement toward the Light. This is because the disincarnate Beings of Light work through the intuitive faculty, which is a higher octave of feeling, while the entities locked into ego consciousness work on the thought and emotional levels. Furthermore, as is well known in esoteric and occult work, we must request the assistance of these higher beings, while the lower ego-fixed beings enter our consciousness unbidden. It’s important, therefore, to frequently ask for intuitive guidance in our lives.

Healing Our Planetary Eco-System

Healing basically involves the removal of toxins. On the physical plane toxins, which are poisons, create imbalances that open the body to diseases and all manner of pathological conditions. When the toxins are removed the body heals itself if irreversible damage hasn’t been done. The non-physical form of the healthy body is then able to re-assemble the physically healed body. It’s important to understand that the non-physical form of any physical system is unaffected by changes on the physical plane. This is covered in The Collapsing Tower in the section on morphogenetic forms. This fact that the integrity of the morphogenetic form remains whole even in the case of severe physical damage to the physical form accounts, for example, for the regeneration of limbs in a variety of invertebrates, the reconstitution of physical form of sponges that have been destroyed after being subjected to disintegration by putting them in a blender, and the ability of termites to perfectly reconstruct complex nests after they were severely damaged. In higher vertebrates, however, these abilities are limited—but the non-physical form is still unaffected. But perhaps it’s possible to overcome this physical limitation in the case of the planetary body.

Thus far humans have attempted planetary healing by employing the standard method of minimizing toxins. However, because of general human non-compliance and the sheer number of people contributing to the output of toxins this method has failed. Greed-based giant industrial and chemical corporations, which include the chemical fertilizer business and giant agri-business have put profits before survival.

Our planet isn’t simply a rock with things living on it. It’s a living conscious entity. This must be fully understood and felt. And like any living being the planet, which includes the eco-system, will engage drastic steps to preserve what it can of itself. One possible step the planetary entity may engage is the destruction of the disease-entity that is killing it—and this opens the likelihood of a significant or complete human die-off. I’m not being dramatic here. This is the most pressing problem we face, and we must join together to face and deal with it. Luckily, as mentioned in The Collapsing Tower, a relatively small percentage of the world population may be able to effect this most critical change.
As is true of every living plant and creature on Earth our planet is comprised of both physical and non-physical bodies. In simplistic terms we can conceptualize the non-physical bodies as: 1) the etheric body, 2) the astral body, 3) the mental body, 4) the causal body, and 5) what is known as the buddhic or spiritual body. Among subhuman species the non-physical bodies likely are limited to the astral body. These classifications are discussed at some length in The Collapsing Tower. The etheric body is also known as the formative-field body and also the subtle life- or vital-force body, as it sustains the physical body’s living biological systems. It serves as the mould or matrix for all physical functions. It’s what medical intuitives “read” to determine the health of a person. It’s the level upon which the morphogenetic forms exist that control action on the physical plane.

The “substance” that makes up the astral body is more subtle. Sometimes it’s called the psychic, emotional, or desire body. After death and/or separation from the physical body the personality, along with all of the thought forms it has created, exist in the astral body. Because the astral plane is the plane of emotion, thought-forms created by the mental body (which exists on the next higher or more subtle level) have a powerful emotional component when they interact with the astral body. This is the level upon which the thought-forms exist that we subjectively experience as physical and emotional desires and selfish needs. In esoteric literature the lower levels of the astral plane are thought of as the “hell” realms—the repository of negative and painful forms and entities. Tolle’s “pain body” could be considered to exist on these lower astral levels, along with the negative, painful, and destructive “states” to which Neville refers in his books on manifestation. Upon the higher levels of this plane exist the more refined emotionally laden thought-forms.

The Law of Correspondence states that the quality of our thoughts created by the mental body take shape as non-physical vibrational forms. These mental forms then influence the astral/emotional body to generate feelings, desires, and emotional states that correspond to them. In a very real sense thought-forms are empowered on the astral plane, and create corresponding forms on the etheric plane, which then influence the functions of the physical body. This same sequence happens in the case of collectives of humans. Every group of individuals who share common thoughts create a collective “entity” that has the power to control the individuals in that collective. When these combined thoughts impinge upon the collective’s astral body they are very strongly empowered. They create corresponding forms on the collective etheric body that, in addition to affecting the individuals within that collective, also affect other individuals and collectives and the physical environment as well.

The next more subtle level is known as the causal plane. It’s also known as the repository of the fundamental archetypal forms that govern all existence. It’s upon this plane that I believe the Divine Plan of spiritual evolution represented by the Underworlds and Heavens of the Mayan Calendar exists. It’s typically believed to be the realm of Pure Thought, the highest level the refined Intellect or Individuality can achieve—the Self.

The Buddhic body is the highest and most subtle body. It exists on the plane of complete unity with All-That-Is, and is commonly thought of as the Higher Self—the state of God Consciousness, or God-Realization. This is the plane of pure, direct, intuitive knowing of spiritual truths that doesn’t involve going through the intellect. It’s from this plane that the light of Divine Consciousness flows. When reflected through the mental body of the intellect it appears as inner knowing of spiritual knowledge, and when reflected through the field of emotions, or astral body it’s experienced as unconditional spiritual love. This is why we must shift away from thinking and move to taking our guidance from intuition and inner knowing. Quite literally, our salvation depends on this.

Imagination and Thought-Forms

What we call imagination can be conceptualized as the mental body’s intentional creation of thought-forms. Whatever we create in imagination will find emotional correspondences on the astral plane in terms of feeling-based states that, when they descend to the etheric plane, serve as templates for the creation of corresponding bodily conditions and actual physical experiences. It’s also important to remember that the emotional body can also stimulate the mental body to create imaginings, and these feelings can be positive or negative—and when they are negative the imaginings are frequently of what we don’t want to have happen. This results in negative manifestations.

Thus, we have to be careful of what we imagine and what feelings we entertain. Failure to do so causes manifestations outside of our sense of conscious intention, and creates the delusion that we have nothing to do with what happens to us. You can easily verify this reciprocal relationship between the astral and mental bodies by noticing how your imaginings create corresponding feelings and how your feelings also stimulate corresponding imaginings.

Obstacles to Planetary Healing

In a very interesting Internet essay by Estefan Lambert entitled Dethrone the Gods of the Religions he states:

The formation of the mass mind is governed by three fundamental determinations which – through complex subconscious mechanisms – control all the individual beings that compose it. In a descending order of importance, the first and most important is the influence of the ancestral reservoir from which all genetic heredity flows; the second is the immediate parental generation that has given birth to any generation currently alive, and the third, commonly considered to be the most powerful but in reality is the least, is the environment. An environment is in reality the product of the accumulated achievement the whole historical line of a given sector of humanity - and in particular its representatives closest to the present – and this is why its effective influence is derivative and not primary….The ancestral pool or the hereditary deposits of all antecedent generations, in other words the dead, being infinitely greater in number than those physically alive are to the same degree immensely more powerful than the total quantum of force represented by the living.

This is why the “herd”, made up of present and past members is the greatest obstacle to spiritual growth. The accumulation of morphogenetic forms creates a tremendous momentum that makes change very difficult. These forms are unconscious and result in fixed thought and behavior patterns. We take these as “normal” and they typically form the basis of what we think of as tradition, and as such they carry a great momentum. Lambert goes on to say:

The conscious individual is, in integral terms, one who has engaged in yogic process of association with the very force of Existence itself by virtue of which he or she acquires the capacity to emerge from and overcome the gravity field of the mass. In that event the conscious individual steps out of the stream of horizontally determined time and realizes a complete vertical discontinuity with respect to the past.

Lambert’s statement that the conscious individual is one who “steps out of the stream of horizontally determined time and realizes a vertical discontinuity with respect to the past” is of utmost significance. You can refer back to Newsletter 4 that deals with the two major ego illusions of separateness and linear time. Briefly, when we believe in the linearity of time we keep repeating the past. This is because the ego causes us to view the present by comparing it to categories established in the past. By doing this we inadvertently impose the past on the present, and then unconsciously project this filtered interpretation of the present into the future. The idea of making a “vertical discontinuity” means breaking the illusion of linearity (making a nonlinear break) and viewing the present in terms of itself. Much of Tolle’s work involves this. For example, his concept of the burden of “cumulative psychological time”—discussed in both The Power of Now and A New Earth—accounts for the historical or linear buildup of mass consciousness over the generations. The main consequence of this is that the mass consciousness, which includes the vast majority of mankind, remains locked in a primitive tribalism that masquerades as modern nationalism, patriotism, and religion.

“The true leader in the universal sense”, says Lambert, “is not one who merely consoles man; he is at war with the mass mind and all its passive narcissistic illusions. In reality he is a catalyst for the emergence of the self-realized individual and all individuals from the crowd.”

Lambert concludes his essay as follows:

The controllers of the present humanity pertain to yet another mass mind that lies outside the vectors and coordinates of the terrestrial plane and properly pertain to an extra-human species. This species clearly demonstrates a vaster psychic amplitude and mechanical cunning than does the present humanity in virtue of which this species is able to dominate it. Even the Gods of the religions have been exceptionally useful tools for its purposes. There is a faction on earth that sees the human species as another animal to be husbanded…

In Rudolph Steiner’s work (discussed in Newsletter 3) the outside influences that control humanity are depicted as ahrimanic entities—essentially beings dedicated to the negatively polarized Left Hand Path of Service to Self. They are a social memory complex, ego-based in nature, and work to maintain their separateness and hierarchal domination of others. They work to maintain human beings in the state of ego consciousness in order to maintain hierarchal domination based on fear, power over others, and greed. If you’re interested in learning more about this you can read the Ra Materia: The Book of One by Elkins, Rueckert, and McCarty.

It is this powerful ego-based mass consciousness that has developed over the last 5,000 years of the National Underworld, dramatically increasing in power since the advent of the materialistic Planetary Underworld in1755, that poses the greatest obstacle to the healing of our planetary eco-system. In the earlier Regional Underworld that was characterized by Goddess/Nature worship our planet and eco-system was viewed as a living entity. During this period, that lasted for more than 100,000 years humans viewed themselves as part of Nature. When the separatist ego evolved during the course of the National Underworld the separation from Nature also grew, and reached dangerous proportions during the last quarter Planetary Underworld when the exploitation of Nature exponentially increased to its disastrous pinnacle that we face today.

The momentum of planetary exploitation created by so many generations of mindless disregard has created a very powerful morphogenetic field that could best be described as a suicidal engine of destruction. What fuels this engine is greed and a powerful sense of rightness that draws its justification from what is likely a perversion of the Old Testament idea that humans are entitled to do whatever they want to Nature because they were given dominion over all of Nature by God. When interpreted through the ego, “dominion” became “subjugation”. This subjugation and rape of Nature has reached its peak in the Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld with the apparent triumph of technology over Life.

What now?

How Can We Heal Our Planet?

We must first ask for help from Beings of Light who exist on the higher planes. These may be Beings who no longer exist in physical bodies, or higher Beings who maintain physical bodies for the purpose of serving Mankind. In either case they are God-Realized. We must ask to be instructed and guided through our intuitive knowing which is the primary channel of communication from these Beings to us.

There are two main reasons why we must ask for and accept help. The first is that we have absolutely no idea of how to handle a problem of this magnitude in light of the time constraints we’re facing. The second is to avoid attempts on the part of the ego to hijack our efforts. Since we’re still largely ego-identified despite protestations on the part of the ego-identified individuals that they’re really enlightened, we need to shift to a higher channel of communication. The question then arises: How do you know you’re dealing with intuitive inner knowing communicated by Higher Beings, rather than input from lower sources such as your own ego/pain-body and negative ego-based entities? This can be a very difficult discrimination, but there are some helpful guidelines you can follow.

First of all inner intuitive knowing precedes thought and feeling. It comes fast. First impressions are a good example. When you meet someone for the first time you frequently get an immediate impression. What you get here is a knowing that is immediate and unfiltered or uncontaminated by thought or feeling—these typically come later, when we try to “understand” the impression by placing it in some category from the past. Also, the first impression is quiet, because it doesn’t involve an emotional or thinking reaction. Known also as the “small, still inner voice” it’s simply a sense of knowing. Any thought or feeling/emotional reaction is coming from the ego/pain-body, and can also serve as a channel for lower, ego-bound intelligences. Inner knowing originates on the Buddhic plane, which is the plane of pure intuition. Contamination results only when it interacts with the mental and astral planes.

Second, you simply know it’s right—regardless of any opinion you have of it. It’s critical to accept this as the truth and not think about it. You will notice that if you accept this channel of knowing unconditionally it will get stronger on subsequent occasions. It doesn’t matter what you think or feel about it, as all of this is coming from the ego. Second-guessing, therefore, only contaminates this pure channel.

Surrendering to and taking direction from your inner knowing is the most significant step you can take on the spiritual path. Ultimately, we must bow down to something. Most people bow down to their egos, or some other ego, but this is the path of slavery and destruction. You must understand that your inner knowing is your Higher Self communicating to you.

It’s also important to understand that there is no punishment involved for disregarding your inner knowing. The concept of the God of punishment is the greatest lie perpetrated on Mankind. This god-concept has been implanted by negative entities, and later by priests, wishing to dominate and control people. This came about through the hijacking of spirituality during the National Underworld, and resulted in the oppressive and male-dominated religions that derived from the Middle East. As such, religion has become the enemy of Mankind.

The way I verified the truth of my inner knowing was by purposely going against it. The result was never good. Only when I surrendered to and acted on it did my life improve. You could easily verify this for yourself by doing the same. Taking my (or anyone else’s) word for it is useless. You have to know for yourself.

Furthermore, you don’t have to beg on your knees for inner knowing. All you have to do is ask. The Beings of Light don’t require subjugation. They give freely with no strings attached. You can think of them as your best friends or true parents—unconditionally loving and accepting.

Tentative Healing Ideas

When we consider our planet and eco-system as the physical body of a celestial being—called Gaia by the ancient Greeks—that is organized and maintained by levels of non-physical bodies we may be able to apply healing concepts much like those we apply to human healing. First of all, the morphogenetic field of a healthy planet exists on the non-physical etheric plane—regardless of the amount of damage sustained on the physical plane. By focusing on this form with the intention of manifesting it on the physical plane we may be able to activate healing. This involves the procedure Neville called “revisioning”. We must imagine a beautiful and healthy planet and abundant eco-system.

A profound love must be felt for our wounded Mother Earth, along with a willingness to feel Her pain. We must connect to the pain of earth and all of the life-forms, including suffering human beings. This is the difficult part, as it requires a willingness on our part to transmute the pain that has been inflicted over the millennia. We must regain the deep empathic connectedness that was progressively lost over the 5,000 years since the advent of the National Underworld.

Healing entails connection and a flow of energy. Disconnectedness promotes sickness and death. When every cell and organ functions in an energetically interconnected whole there is health. For example cancerous cells are those that have become disconnected from the ecology of the body. They no longer function in concert with the rest of the bodily cells and organ systems. To use Laszlo’s term, they become incoherent—insane. They begin to rapidly multiply without regard for the bodily eco-system that previously regulated and sustained them, thereby overtaking healthy organs and compromising or destroying their ability to function properly. In addition they produce toxins and heat that sicken and ultimately destroy cells and organs that are integrated in the bodily ecology. Finally, they rob the integrated bodily systems of necessary nutrients and vital energy in order to sustain their out of control consumption and proliferation. To summarize: Cancer cells madly multiply in a state of selfish disregard for what sustains them, greedily consuming space, nutrients and energy, and in return produce poisons and heat that destroy what is healthy. Sound familiar?

To quote the famous line from Pogo: “We have met the enemy and it is us.” We are the cancer that is killing our planet (or maybe even has). It’s interesting to note that the way “modern” allopathic—or materialistic—medicine treats cancer is the same as how our planet is attempting to get rid of the cancer that’s killing it. Allopathic medicine uses surgical removal, chemotherapy (poisons) and radiation (more poison) to “cure” cancer. To be more precise, medicine doesn’t cure cancer. It kills cancer cells in an attempt to cure the body. Isn’t this what the planet is doing to us?

War and depopulation programs carried out by elitist humans who view themselves separate from and better than others may serve the purpose of surgical removal of segments of the human population. Thus far such activities haven’t killed off the real offenders, but in the end most likely will. The real offenders are the elitists themselves, and not the “primitives” and “undesirables” that the wars and eugenic programs are designed to eliminate. The chemical and radioactive/electromagnetic pollution generated by industrial corporate elites are equal opportunity destroyers, as they ultimately affect everyone. Gaia, the celestial being that is the conscious entity of our planet, appears to have a wry sense of humor.

To offer a clinical diagnosis of those who are (most likely) inadvertently bringing about planetary destruction through their short-sighted greed and delusions of grandeur I’ve coined the term rectal-cranial inversion—or, to give the term some Latin cache’, rectalis-cranialis invertus. In a sense this conceptual re-orientation makes the task of planetary healing structurally more precise, and that is: wrenching our collective head out of our collective ass without breaking our collective neck.

Thus, to heal our planet we must first heal ourselves. And this means healing our disconnectedness. To do this we must allow ourselves to feel the pain our disconnectedness has wrought—on our own bodies, those we love, our communities, on others viewed as different from ourselves, on the plant and animal life-forms we depend on for survival, and on the air, water, and land upon which we depend for life.

Research from Ramana Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation organization has calculated that it takes the square root of one-tenth of one percent of a population to change that population. That’s 8,000 people based on our current world population. This is a workable number. They don’t even have to be assembled at the same place at the same time. But they must have the same intention.

Thus, we may be able to effect planetary healing with a two-step process: 1) the healing of disconnectedness and 2) revisioning. In the next Newsletter I’ll propose some ideas of how to go about doing this. For now, ask for help from Higher Beings to bring about reconnection in your own life—to be shown how to do this, and for the courage to face the pain disconnectedness has caused in your life and in the lives of those around you.

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