The Collapsing Tower
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Robert Lorenz, Ph. D.  


New York City, November 28, 1942

B.S. Hunter College of the City University of NewYork : June 1964.

Ph.D.: University of California, Riverside—Psychobiology: March 1971.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Neurobiology: California Institute of Technology, Department of Biology: 1971-1972.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Developmental Neuroendocrinology: Brain Research Institute, University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center, Department of Anatomy: 1972-1974.

Post-doctoral Clinical Intern at Kennedy Child Study Center and St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, California: 1974-1975.

California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles: Graduate instructor of statistics, doctoral thesis research design, philosophy of science, psychopharmacology, and neuropsychology: 1975-1979. Faculty President, 1979.

Private counseling practice: 1978-present