The Collapsing Tower
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        We are now experiencing what is likely the most difficult transition in human history, a revolutionary metamorphosis of humanity from the body-bound consciousness that has dominated our planetary tenure to one of spiritual enlightenment and the realization of our true nature. The time in which we are living is providing the necessary catalyst for this transformation. Powerful stimulus is required for powerful change. The material presented in this book explains the constitution of this transformation and defines the work that must be undertaken to accomplish this and to navigate the psychological, social, and spiritual obstacles that lie in our immediate future. Although most people will not be able to do this work, there will be a significant number of individuals who can tread this most arduous and rewarding path, providing the impetus for a planetary transformation. The following material is offered to those willing and capable persons who, out of their understanding that we are One Spirit, are willing to labor for themselves and on behalf of humanity as a whole.
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